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"We wanted to thank Gonzalez Landscaping & Tree Service for giving us a great back and front yard. You guys did an excellent job with our lawn, it looks great! Now we are the envy of the neighborhood!"

- Annie P & Family

"Great Landscapers! Gonzalez goes beyond our expectations; he always does a great job and leaves our property looking amazing!! Our lawn is in the best condition thanks to Gonzalez!"

- Gregory Hart

"I’ve never received so many compliments in my live. All of my neighbors have to do with my front yard, it looks incredible!!! Thanks to the dedication and great service Gonzalez provides. I know I was a bit annoying changing my mind so many times, but you guys have the best customer service (and patience lol). Thanks a lot!!!"

- Carla M. S.

"My adorable lawn speaks for itself. My grass couldn’t be greener and the sprinkler system works perfectly, it keeps my yard in a wonderful condition. I can’t get over how pretty it looks. Oh and Thanks for planting that beautiful tree it really gives the shadow my kids wanted. Thanks Gonzalez!!"

- Rosario Martinez G.


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    “We wanted to thank Gonzalez for giving us a great back. You did an excellent job..

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